Leman, denmark

leman, denmark

In modern Danish culture Julemanden is the equivalent of the English Father Christmas although the roots of the character reach into Danish folklore and mythology wherein Julemanden is a mythical character who is said to bring Christmas presents to children [3] in Denmark on Christmas Eve, celebrated December According to myths, he would come to houses either by foot or by sleigh and often wears fur to keep him warm.

Julemanden is a relatively new phenomenon in Denmark, appearing some time after World War 2. Until then, there was "Nissefar", "Nissekongen" or "Julenissen" - a character with several resemblances to the modern "Julemand". This tradition is traced back centuries when people believed in Nisser elves, leprechauns, spirits or mystical entities rarely or never seen directly.

The role of the "Julenisse" was to bring good fortune to the family and to achieve this, he would have to be treated well especially around Jul December. This was achieved by feeding him, traditionally with some form of porridge now rice porridge. The "Julenisse" is still, however, "celebrated" and he acts as a stand-in for "Julemanden" in early December, to entertain the childish mind, bring small gifts and sometimes plays tricks on the household, kindergarten etc.

The gift-giving Nisse that became "Nissekongen" seems to have drawn influences from the American "Santa", when American culture began making an impact in Denmark, [6] but rather than outright copying him, local traditions were tweaked, eventually resulting in a "Father Christmas" type character with only traces of the original "Nisse" and in some respects indistinguishable from "Santa".

In an attempt to attract more thantourists, the Tivoli theme park in Copenhagen replaced their Julemanden display to that of its Russian counterpart — Father Frost in In Denmark a special postal address is used by Post Danmark for children who want to write to Julemanden:.

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leman, denmark

Views Read Edit View history. Languages Dansk Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.This list of oil and gas fields of the North Sea contains links to oil and natural gas reservoirs beneath the North Sea. In terms of the oil industry, " North Sea oil " often refers to a larger geographical set, including areas such as the Norwegian Sea and the UK "Atlantic Margin" west of Shetland which are not, strictly speaking, part of the North Sea.

The UK list includes facilities in the Irish Sea. Onshore oil and gas resources in the UK are located in a number of provinces corresponding to prospective sedimentary basins. A list of current and historic UK onshore oil and gas fields is given in the table below. The fields and installations in the following list are allocated to regions corresponding to the Oil and Gas Authority 's listings.

Oil and gas field names follow themes chosen by the companies who originally developed them. Installations are identified by a large black-on-yellow sign on the installation. This may give the name of the original or current owner or operator, the field name, and a set of numbers and letters, e. The numbers identify the Quadrant and Block where the installation is located, e. For installations in the Southern North Sea the second and subsequent letters may designate a platform's function, e.

Common designations are:. Note: Drilling refers to the original function of the platform to support well drilling operations. No Southern North Sea installation has permanent drilling facilities.

List of oil and gas fields of the North Sea

On some installations the letters simply provide a unique two letter identity, e. Themed field names comprise groups of fields that are geographically, operationally or commercially linked. Names are based on:. A to Theddlethorpe. The Central North Sea comprises oil, condensate and gas fields.

They are serviced from Aberdeen and Hartlepool. These fields are in Quadrants 11 to Serviced from Aberdeen. Located in Quadrantsandthese fields are serviced from Aberdeen and Lerwick. Serviced from Aberdeen and Scasta airport. The fields are serviced from LiverpoolBlackpool and Morecambe. Offshore development is abundant. Serviced from StavangerBergenKristiansund. Serviced from Harstad and Hammerfest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Energy in Norway.At CEVA, we are passionate about contributing to the success of our customers by providing outstanding supply chain services.

Day by day, days a year, we aspire to be brilliant supply chain experts, mastering all elements of business logistics and focusing on operations excellence. We design, implement and operate complex, end-to-end contract logistics and freight management solutions for large and medium sized national and multi-national companies. In Denmark we provide freight management services for a wide range of customers through our partner Leman.

Please contact us to learn how we can support your business in Denmark and around the world.


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Close Menu Your Industry. Breadcrumb Home Denmark. Get a quote Contact us to request a quote for your shipment. Contact us. More information.Inshe discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core inside a molten outer core. Before that, seismologists believed Earth's core to be a single molten sphere, being unable, however, to explain careful measurements of seismic waves from earthquakes, which were inconsistent with this idea.

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Lehmann analysed the seismic wave measurements and concluded that Earth must have a solid inner core and a molten outer core to produce seismic waves that matched the measurements. Other seismologists tested and then accepted Lehmann's explanation. Lehmann was also one of the longest-lived woman scientists, having lived for over years.

She was very shy as a child, a behavior that continued throughout her life. She received her school education at Faellesskolen, a pedagogically progressive high school that treated girls and boys equally, enrolling them in the same curriculum and extracurricular activities. This school was led by Hanna Adler, Niels Bohr 's aunt. At age 18, she achieved a first rank mark in the entrance exam for Copenhagen University. Inshe started her studies in mathematics, chemistry and physics at the University of Copenhagen and University of Cambridge.

These studies were interrupted by poor health. She continued her studies of mathematics in Cambridge from to at Newnham College. Inshe returned from Cambridge feeling exhausted from the work and put her studies aside for a while. She developed good computational skills in an actuary office she worked in for a few years until she resumed studies at Copenhagen University in She completed the candidata magisterii degree in physical science and mathematics in two years, graduating in When she returned to Denmark inshe accepted a position at Copenhagen University as an assistant to J.

Steffensenthe professor of actuarial science. Lehmann had a younger sister, Harriet, who became a movie writer and who had family and children in contrast to Lehmann, who lived by herself all her life. She was paired with three other assistants who had never so much as seen a seismograph before. She began the task of setting up seismological observatories in Denmark and Greenland. In the meantime, she studied seismology on her own. She went abroad for three months to study seismology with leading experts in the field such as Beno Gutenberg, who had determined the distance to the core-mantle boundary with 15 km of the present value.

In a paper titled P'[14] [15] Lehmann was the first to interpret P wave arrivals—which inexplicably appeared in the P wave shadow of the Earth's core—as reflections from an inner core, for example from the strong Murchison earthquake. She served as the Chair of the Danish Geophysical Society in and respectively. InLehmann was considered for a professorship in geophysics at Copenhagen University, but was not appointed.

Inshe retired from her position at the Geodetic Institute. She moved to the US for several years and collaborated with Maurice Ewing and Frank Press on investigations of Earth's crust and upper mantle.

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This discontinuity was named after her, being coined as the Lehmann discontinuity. Francis Birch noted that the "Lehmann discontinuity was discovered through exacting scrutiny of seismic records by a master of a black art for which no amount of computerization is likely to be a complete substitute. She was awarded honorary doctorates from Columbia University in and from the University of Copenhagen inas well as numerous honorific memberships.

The asteroid Ingelehmann was named in her honour and in which was the th anniversary of women's suffrage in Denmark Lehmann got, in recognition of her great struggle against the male-dominated research community that existed in Denmark in the midth century, a new beetle species named after her: Globicornis Hadrotoma ingelehmannae sp. Because of her contribution to geological science, inthe American Geophysical Union established the annual Inge Lehmann Medal to honour "outstanding contributions to the understanding of the structure, composition, and dynamics of the Earth's mantle and core.All air-bridge flights are so called full charters, meaning that we have the full cargo capacity at our disposal.

The cargo consists primarily of large quantities of medical equipment — but other types of goods can also be shipped if needed. Flights to The air-bridge is a result of a close, transnational teamwork between the LEMAN countries and our partners.

As some areas slowly gain more control over the COVID outbreak, some countries are starting to open up for business and schools. At LEMAN, all offices are fully operational with necessary staffing at offices and several colleagues working from home. We are open for business and can support you with your shipments. Greenland has through a period of years been a very exciting market, and we are convinced that there is a further growth potential.


LEMAN's supply chain operations are still running. Visit www. To flatten the COVID curve, most of our employees globally are working remotely while still supporting our customers and making sure that vital necessities reach all corners of the world.

The spread of COVID has reached a point where governments in multiple countries have imposed severe restrictions. To stay updated on the supply chain situation, follow www.

We are doing everything we can to keep our customers' supply chains moving. The article addresses some These days, truck drivers and warehouse workers are playing an important role, and every day, they are in risk of getting infected. As a receiver or shipper of goods, you can make a difference by following some simple guidelines. Click here to find out more While the situation in China and Hong Kong remains almost unchanged, the rest of the world now experience large changes.

Despite generally limited capacity we have ensured space on vital freight corridors.UI Elements are compatible with both OAuth and JWT The UI Elements are designed in an authentication-type agnostic way so whether you are using UI Elements for users who have Box accounts (Managed Users) or non-Box accounts (App Users), UI Elements should just work out of the box.

Tokens on the client We strongly suggest that before you put this UI Element into production, you leverage the appropriate scope to avoid putting a fully scoped token into the client. OptionShared link URL, required if file is shared and the access token doesn't belong to an owner or collaborator of the file. We recommend you update your browser: Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer - Safari. One way to sample Northwestern's academic environment is to observe a class.

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Each quarter, we approve a list of more than a hundred courses for prospective students to visit. To fully experience academic and student life at Northwestern, consider spending the day shadowing a current student. End your day back at the Segal Visitors Center where you and your family can speak with an Admissions counselor about the admission process and ask any lingering questions.

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Purple Preview is available to current high school juniors and seniors on select weekdays during the academic year, on a space-available basis. We need some time to arrange your visit, so please register online at least one week in advance and note that you cannot register for both a Purple Preview and an Individual Overnight Visit. Register for Purple PreviewNeed to sleep on it. Current high school juniors and seniors can request an overnight stay in a residence hall with a current student host.

Overnight Visits are available on select Mondays throughout the year, on a space-available basis. Overnight requests should be made at least one week in advance, through this website only. Should you have further questions concerning our Overnight program, please feel free to contact our office by phone or email. Please note, requests for an Overnight Visit cannot be made via phone and you also cannot register for both an Individual Overnight Visit and Purple Preview.

Register for an Individual Overnight Visit Your browser is out-of-date and has known security flaws. Go to AcademicsMajors and MinorsAcademic SupportResearch OpportunitiesStudy AbroadPre-Enrollment ProgramsStudent Life From dining halls to student clubs, explore life outside of class. Go to Student LifeActivities and RecreationResidential ExperienceEvanston and ChicagoCampus SafetyDiversityTuition and Aid Tuition figures and the way we work to meet each student's full financial need.

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Go to Tuition and AidDomestic Student AidInternational Student AidApplication Fee WaiverVisit and Engage Plan your visit to our lakefront campus in Evanston. Go to Visit and EngagePlan Your VisitSocial and VirtualMaps and DirectionsNorthwestern Comes to YouApply Find instructions and tips for your Northwestern application. Attend a class One way to sample Northwestern's academic environment is to observe a class.

leman, denmark

Class visits for Fall 2017 have concluded. Winter 2018 courses will be posted when available. Purple Preview To fully experience academic and student life at Northwestern, consider spending the day shadowing a current student. Register for Purple Preview Individual Overnight Visits Need to sleep on it.

In the course of our private beta, we saw startups use it to put together images, mockups, and notes as an inspiration board for their next big idea. We witnessed marketing agencies use it in online meetings as they work with clients on product designs in real time.Interact with us Come and meet us at The best way to share ideas and knowledge is face to face.

Although hundreds of American cities have also banned plastic bags, the majority have not. Start bringing reusable bags with you on every trip to the store. Use a reusable water bottle or a glass jar and fill it at the tap. Ditch zip-top bags and plastic wrap for packing up leftovers and use reusable glass containers instead. You can safely reheat them in the microwave too. Go old schoolget a retro lunch box and fill it with real food, not a bunch of stuff sealed in plastic. When shopping, buy fewer items packaged in plastic.

If an item you want comes in a glass jar or plastic container, choose glass. Instead of buying the plastic wrapped meat or veggies, get the protein from the butcher wrapped in paperand pack your veggies loose and plastic free in your own reusable bag.

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Whether you are ordering take out at a Thai Food restaurant or buying your daily cup of coffee, make sure to leave the house with your own glassware or stainless steel take away containers. Do you really need that straw. Bartenders and servers will often give you one by default. If you throw a BYOB party, have friends BYOC. Consider using bar soaps and powders that come with less plastic packaging. If you use liquid, buy in bulk and refill soap containers. Search the ingredients of your toothpaste and facial scrubs and stop using anything with microbeads.

Join groups like Surfrider, 5Gyres and Upstream and help advocate for extended producer responsibility laws in each and every state. Ask businesses to take responsibility for the products and packaging they are putting out into the world. Enter Your Download Code Here. Ditch the Zip: Ditch zip-top bags and plastic wrap for packing up leftovers and use reusable glass containers instead.

Pack a Waste-Free Lunch: Go old schoolget a retro lunch box and fill it with real food, not a bunch of stuff sealed in plastic. Drift Away from Plastic Packaging: When shopping, buy fewer items packaged in plastic.

Re-Imagine Take-Out: Whether you are ordering take out at a Thai Food restaurant or buying your daily cup of coffee, make sure to leave the house with your own glassware or stainless steel take away containers.

Straws are for Suckers: Do you really need that straw. Clean Up Your Soap Situation: Consider using bar soaps and powders that come with less plastic packaging. Connect to All At Once non-profit partners promoting plastic free initiatives. FCP X can display media ranges on your clips in the Browser, which include Favorites, Rejected, Keywords, and Used Media. But how do you reject a clip or portion of a clip.

leman, denmark

You now see a red bar placed over your range selection this marks the clip or a portion of a clip as Rejected. In fact, the clip may not even appear in the Browser window.


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